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The app dedicated to employee wellness

Educate employees on the value of exercise with engaging programs, that can fit into anyone's day and show them you care.

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Did you know?

costs are rising

The most common forms of employee injury are musculoskeletal (pulls and strains) and are a leading contributor to absenteeism, up to 35% in some markets.

Inactivity leads
to illness

Physical inactivity is now considered the 2nd highest health risk behind smoking accounting for 1 in 10 deaths globally.

increases risk

Research shows that sitting for more than 4-6 hours per day significantly increases your employees' risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other serious illnesses.

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Benefits of an active workforce?

Increasing employee activity levels both in and outside of the workplace is about creating shared value.

  • Improved general health and physical performance levels
  • Reduced risk of serious illness
  • Reduction of common musculoskeletal injuries
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety associated with physical inactivity
  • Increased employee knowledge on the risks and benefits of physical activity
  • Increased energy and concentration levels
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Reduced absenteeism and related costs
  • Faster return to work rates
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced workplace claims
  • Reduced work cover premiums
  • What is good for the employee is good for the employer and could be good for the community
  • Introduce our optional incentive platform with community based rewards and enable employees to donate to charity by completing exercises

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Increased employee engagement

Employees are increasing aware of the risks and impacts of being sedentary for extended periods throughout the working day.

Body IQ provides a vehicle to bring your employer proposition and core values to life, demonstrating to employees that you are proactive when it comes to their health.

For less than a cup of coffee per quarter the Body IQ app provides an exciting, engaging and cost-effective benefit that employees can utilise in and out of the workplace.

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What is Body IQ

Organisations typically introduce wellness solutions at one of three levels

Personalised services

Corporate gyms, health centres, access to health practitioners - these types of services are high cost and typically only accessible to a small percentage of employees.

Ergonomic solutions

Products such as stand up desks tend to be available to a higher percentage of staff but they are still high cost and often employees are not given the appropriate training and instruction on usage.

Affiliate promotions

Gym membership, product and service discounts, access to health resources – these employee offers tend to be low or zero cost but have a low perceived value and take up.

Body IQ is different and has been developed as a practical, cost-effective and easy to use resource that can be used stand alone or as a complementary offering to existing services. It is a powerful new video based stretching and strength building resource delivered via your employees’ smartphones.

Body IQ can take the pressure off existing resources enabling higher touch services to focus on adding value such as diagnosis and personalised program development.

About us

Ultimate Body IQ is an innovative business that specialises in employee health programs. Developed by health practitioners and fitness experts, it differentiates itself through the integrity of the exercises it offers.

All exercises are clinically designed, with professional instruction to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your employees - whilst delivering positive health and corporate outcomes.

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