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Clinically designed.

Developed by leading medical and fitness practitioners, to ensure the integrity and safety of all exercises and programs.

Programs suitable for whoever & wherever you are.

Work, Home, Play

Hundreds of exercises and daily routines categorised to your needs.

Browse by sport or workplace activities, explore daily routines or wellbeing programs such as flexibility or weight loss, target specific body zones to treat and prevent injuries or ailments.

Customise programs or create your own.

Add/remove, reorder, rename, edit reps and rest to suit your body’s needs.

Top tips and suggestions.

Expert exercise, health and nutrition advice.

Improve your employee’s health

Schedule programs and set reminders to stay on track.

Add notes and recurrences.

Powerful Employer Admin

  • Control employee access
    Add, invite and manage employee accounts. Manually load, bulk import or integrate with existing systems for simple administration.
  • Personalise communications
    Customise employee invitation emails, alerts and notifications to motivate employees and reinforce brand messages.
  • Monitor and report
    Track all usage data including app opens, exercise searches, saved exercises, scheduled exercises, exercises completed, total exercise time and much more.

Flexible Customisation Options

Body IQ can be white labeled for your orgisation , options include:


Create a branded version of the Body IQ app including app launch icon, logo, welcome screens and content and colour palette.


Customise search categories; personalise exercise program images; create bespoke exercise programs; develop fit-for-purpose exercises; add and schedule additional notifications and alerts.


Integrate Body IQ with your existing HR information system or other relevant applications to automate the administration process.


Activate the Body IQ "Incentives Platform" to motivate and engage employees by offering financial, promotional and/or charitable donation rewards to employees based on the completion of exercise targets.


Introduce some fun into the workplace with team play, competitions, targets and leaderboards.

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About us

Ultimate Body IQ is an innovative business that specialises in employee health programs. Developed by health practitioners and fitness experts, it differentiates itself through the integrity of the exercises it offers.

All exercises are clinically designed, with professional instruction to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your employees - whilst delivering positive health and corporate outcomes.

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